We are delighted to have been selected for a top role supporting schools in challenging circumstances.

Janet Sheriff has been appointed to the role of National Leader of Education (NLE) in the latest recruitment round.

NLEs along with staff in their school - designated a National Support School (NSS) - use their success and professionalism to provide additional leadership capability in other schools. 

NLEs are deployed to suit the needs of each school needing support and the type of support provided is flexible. They also have responsibility for developing the next generation of NLEs and National Support Schools.

Janet Sheriff said “This is a very positive development for Prince Henry's Grammar School: NSS/NLE is a high profile, prestigious designation which recognises and celebrates the excellent partnership and support work many colleagues already engage in. Working with other schools (even those in more challenging circumstances) has been proven again and again to have a positive impact on the school providing the support...this is because of the professional development for those delivering support, the exchange of ideas that happens both ways, and the reflection that takes place about current practice in both schools.  This designation will lead to increased opportunities for the education provision at Prince Henry's to benefit from such work.  I firmly believe that outstanding school's such as Prince Henry’s should contribute to school improvement across the system.”

Roger Pope, Chair of the National College for Teaching and Leadership, said “It’s fantastic that heads like Janet Sheriff have the passion and ambition to help improve the life chances of young people, not just in their own but in other schools as well.

“The aim of national leaders of education is to drive improvement in underperforming schools. We are working to increase the number of National Support Schools and NLEs in order to spread educational excellence everywhere.”  

Successful heads have been invited to attend a formal induction and training event for the role in driving school improvement.