The Otley Family of Schools launched a ground-breaking Equality and Diversity Charter at a celebration event on Friday 30 June 2017 at Otley Courthouse. Staff from schools across the family have been working on the charter for several months.

The event featured performances from all the schools and, as well as school children and their parents, invited guests included Alex Sobel, MP, Otley Town Mayor and other representatives of local community groups. The Otley Family of Schools is All Saints CE Primary School, Ashfield Primary School, Bramhope Primary School, Pool CE Primary School, Prince Henry’s Grammar School, St Joseph’s RC Primary School, The Wharton’s Primary School, Westgate Primary School.

The Equality and Diversity Charter builds on the work done by the schools since their 2010 Anti-Racism Charter, developing that theme into a wider agenda. The Charter has been adopted by all the schools, with work taking place with pupils and parents and carers to embed the principles across the Family. The Charter will also be launched through Otley Matters, the Otley Town Council community magazine, bringing it to the attention of much wider community.

The Charter revolves around seven key principles: respect; challenging stereotypes; equality; actively creating a better society; good relationships between all people; valuing the world’s diversity and making the world a fairer place.

“The charter embeds the global citizenship values on which we, as a group of schools, work with our students of every age, working to create inclusive and outward looking communities. These values are such an important part of the work which we do in our schools and this charter will give us a real opportunity to share them with our wider community. Otley, Pool and Bramhope are very welcoming communities and, as schools, we work with individuals and groups across the area – we are very much looking forward to developing this with everyone.” Said Christopher Lillington, Assistant Headteacher: Learning Community at Prince Henry’s Grammar School.

Photo: Prince Henry's students perform at the launch.