Sixth Formers had their business and enterprise skills tested on their recent PHSE Day. They faced apprentice-style challenges, with external speakers posing as clients.

The students had to give presentations and organise group tasks, from marketing healthy snacks to costing and producing a new product. The day was modelled on a graduate recruitment assessment day, helping the student develop the skills which they will need in the real world.

“I very much enjoyed working with the Sixth Formers on these tasks, judging their projects and seeing the quality of work which they had developed. As an employer and school governor, it is great to see Prince Henry's helping their young people develop in this really important area.” said Ian Bond, CEO of Sandgate Systems Ltd.

“We have a strong programme of activities which we run on PHSE Days, in order to prepare our Sixth Form for life after school – right from learning how to survive when you go to University through to presentation and interview skills. In an increasingly competitive world, it’s vital to help our Sixth Formers develop these work related skills.” said Claire Willis, Assistant Headteacher: Post-16 Learning at Prince Henry’s.

Prince Henry’s runs five PHSE days over the year, where students of all ages cover a timetable of personal, health, social, financial and citizenship development skills.

Students Emily Wallis and Georgia Wilkinson face their Dragon.