As parents will be aware, we have been consulting on a proposal for Bramhope Primary School to convert to academy status and to establish a Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) with Prince Henry’s. The Consultation Summary Report was published on 25 May 2018 and is available to download below.


The Governing Bodies of the two schools have been discussing how our schools might work in even closer partnership to provide mutual support, challenge and benefits for our schools. The Governing Bodies share the ambition for their schools to continue to provide an excellent education for their children while protecting each school’s role at the heart of its community and retaining its unique qualities and strengths.

Both Governing Bodies have been considering the future plans for their school in a fast changing and increasingly challenging educational landscape. They have also considered national policy and structures and how to best prepare their school for continued success in the future.


The Governing Bodies of both schools believe that the best way forward is to establish a Multi-Academy Trust (MAT), which will require Bramhope school to convert to academy status (Prince Henry’s already has academy status). We anticipate that the MAT will be known as the Collaborative Learning Trust. The Trust would have two founding member schools (Bramhope and Prince Henry’s),but the intention is to grow the Trust over the next few years in order to build capacity for further school improvement. The governors of a number of local primary schools have been involved in discussions about becoming part of the Trust, but have decided not to be part of this founding stage. We will continue to work in close partnership with all local schools.

We believe students and staff at Bramhope and Prince Henry’s will benefit from the greater opportunities that formal partnership, through the MAT will bring. These include:

• extending learning opportunities and activities for students e.g. by sharing specialist facilities and resources

• enriching the curriculum through partnership working for all students

• securing transition from primary to high school (proposed admission change for Prince Henry’s so that Bramhope School is a named feeder primary in the admissions criteria)

• increasing the sharing of excellent practice in teaching and learning

• enhancing the professional development of teaching and support staff

• securing cost and resource efficiencies through joint commissioning of services; this will help headteachers, especially in these more austere times, to re-direct funds to teaching and learning;

• creating opportunities to secure investment in school buildings and educational facilities for the benefit of current and future students

Parents / carers and children are unlikely to notice any difference to the day-to-day experience of school life (apart from the anticipated benefits above). For example, staff, school uniforms, term dates, timings of the day etc will not change at either school as a result of assuming academy status or forming a MAT. Both schools would keep their own current names. Each school would retain much of its independence, whilst benefiting from being part of the Trust.

In order to ensure inclusivity and to enable all local primary schools to join in the future, the Collaborative Learning Trust will be structured to allow church schools to join at any point. It is important to note, however, that non-church schools such as Bramhope and Prince Henry’s will always maintain their non-church status just as church schools will always maintain their church status. Fundamental to our desire to become a MAT is our insistence that all schools will maintain their own ethos and identity. This requirement will be written into the legally binding Articles of Association of the Collaborative Learning Alliance.

We are very excited about the prospect of creating a Multi Academy Trust that is locally based and run by dedicated leaders who have the best interest of local children and their families in mind and are now beginning the consultation process with staff, parents, carers, students and the community.


The consultation period ran between Monday, 23rd April and Monday, 21st May 2018. Ths summary report is available to download below.

The Governing Bodies will then consider feedback from the consultation before making a final decision on whether to proceed with the proposal. If the Governing Bodies agree to proceed, then the earliest date for conversion and MAT formation would be September 1st 2018, however it may well be later than this.

Additional document information about the proposed Trust is available below.

  1. MAT Summary Consultation Report 25.05.2018
  2. MAT formation - initial consultation letter
  3. Vision and Aims
  4. Frequently Asked Questions - Collaborative Learning Trust
  5. Proposed Governance Structure Commentary